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  • Kasun Moragoda 8 months ago

    FLAG this for harmful or abusive content > Abusing vulnerable individuals.

  • sihina Mahawatta 8 months ago

    Wt a fck??? Rmve dis.

  • we cannot say there is factory workers or any other , and sometime we
    cannot guess there not university students . because in sri Lanka most of
    beastly things doing by educated people …

  • Edward Bremen 8 months ago

    This is very rude clip which gives a very bad image to the rest of the it would be more please if anybody can remove this clip

  • shoba de zilva 8 months ago

    mun ekek wath campus un newi ugath minissu me wage pahath widiyata
    hasirenna warada munge jathakaye. rata wenuwen hamudawe kollo jeewitha
    bildunna wele me wage hal paruwanwai uddayata yawanna thibune pirimiyek
    wela ganiyekgen ahana dewalda mu ahanne tho ammagen ahapiya thaththage eka
    kochchara lokuda damme kohomada kiyala ponna wesige putho pirimi oya wage
    katha ganungen ahanne naha mu dekatama nathi ponnayek ekai ganungen ahala
    sex karanna yanne waren mama kiyala dennam thoge ammata…. ma

  • Anusha Sirimewan 8 months ago

    This is not funny. Remove this please.

  • dashingimraz 8 months ago

    Ela kollek ne

  • Chandika Gallge 8 months ago

    If they are factory workers and not qualified,I think they would not
    understand anything you write here in english. you need to get some
    education first of all,

  • mark perera 8 months ago

    no this may be true.. this girl is said to be suffering from some sort of
    mental disorder,, that’s why she speaks like this ..and they boy knows that
    and just exploit her here for fun.. bullying…its not good..I heard that
    she was being treated in mental hospital for her illnes…please remove
    this video..its a insult to the girl…

  • Roger Williams 8 months ago


  • Chandra Weerasinghe 8 months ago

    This is a work of a sex maniac. Why don’t you go and ask these things from
    your mum.

  • H.K Silva 8 months ago

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  • H.K Silva 8 months ago

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  • Dinesh Sathsara 8 months ago

    Campus girl kiuvata moda gahak ne. Ane chamara pakayo ube ammagen oyatika
    ehuvanam hoda nedda.

  • tharindu keshan 8 months ago


  • Roy fernando 8 months ago

    good video

  • rajitha lakmal 8 months ago

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  • Solja2010 8 months ago

    dam these chicks are banging hot!

  • BlackAsianz 8 months ago

    @tweetybirdy55 thats pretty harsh dude -.-

  • Rifkhan Ariff 8 months ago

    boy is a betrayer to the girl

  • sexykid8023 8 months ago

    mehemath ponna keriyek…umba ganna aathal ekak ganin meeeka youtube daanna
    onada ponnayoooo….keri ponnayoooooo